Reports means for me that I need to approach my subject closer. I work with a wide angle (28mm) to be in the core of the action. 

Abandonned, unconstructed, reflection of human crisis through architecture (Greece 2017)

21 days in the USA, 25 photographs and 22 texts by Alain Patetta (Author) to testify. A perambulation in foreign territory. From Florida to New York. From the text to the picture.

Fantasy Fest. Key West Florida USA.

Craziest carnival before Halloween.


A few "nuits debout" after the announcement of "working law" in France in 2016.

On 26th of January 2014, a wave of hatred (France - Paris)



60 portraits of Ansauvillers 'villagers (France - Oise)  aged from 6 months to 91 years.