Fairy Tales



Fairy Tales is a series of large-scale coloured photographs I realised across several territories, from Picardie to Florida, during successive seasons. On each photographs, a human figure is visible, most of the time naked, in a nocturnal landscape solely enlightened by a torchlight during a long exposure.

Most of the time, the characters are only a detail in the photograph, hidden behind a tree trunk or lost in the horizon. Oftentimes they are just silhouettes, crushed by the real landscape which the mere work of light painting transforms into fairy tales pictures, where the surreal colours obtained can alternately evoke an oneiric or nightmarish universe.

The nudity of Man and the alteration of the surrounding nature by the photographic technique I use conveys in the end an impression of worry or hope. What I question here is the place of Man on our earth, to bring mankind to look back on its own smugness : in seeing itself as the master of a territory that is not its property and which it has unfortunately destroyed, it has forgotten both its fragility and its beauty.