Errance (s)



Some photographs, some words… a rope-dancer dialog between images and texts, seeking to give a meaning to the word « wandering »; but this word conveys indeed a lot of meanings.

Geographical, emotional, oneiric, visual, wandering is the common lot to humankind… the idea of this work is in itself a wandering, which can be followed all along the artwork or randomly inside the words or the pictures themselves. The will in this work is to invite you to share our trip between the first and the last picture… from the first cry to the last breath.


Photographs most often tell stories. They freeze the space in a heartbeat or for several long minutes, whether it is a scene of daily life, or daily life put into an act. When they are read, texts evoke pictures. The musicality of words, the meaning of the told story, the description of places or characters, urge the reader to imagine them.

« Errance(s) » (Wandering(s)) is the answer to this acknowledgment.


« Errance(s) » confronts the dialog between two disciplines in one medium. Either it’s the work of Florent Perris - artist photographer – leading Alain Patetta – author – to write the words accompanying the picture, or the other way around, the texts of Alain instigating the choice of the frame, the technique and the time of shooting for Florent.

It all depended on who, from the photographer or the author, made its proposition first.

Both of the artists decided to bring this dialog to life and to push it to its limits.



It was not only about illustrating a text or commenting an image. What motivated both creators was to let their sensibility express freely.

Whether the texts answer to the emotion flowing from the picture or the photographs underline the sensitivity of the text. And the whole forms an artwork in itself, in its entirety and indivisibility.

Sometimes this dialog underlines or highlights, sometimes it contradicts. It depends on the state of mind of both of the artists at the moment of the creation and this work is the result of the meeting of this partnership. « Errance(s) » is the sensitive expression of the latter, delivered to be seen, read and to heard.

« Errance(s) » is an experimental collaboration between two artists which has been in development for 4 years.

« Errance(s) » is also a stylistic perambulation. To explore their theme, both of the artists decided to get rid of the limits of their own most preferred medium.


For the photographs, Florent worked with artificial light, natural light, either inside or outside. In these photographs, mankind is voluntarily either completely absent or present. From very classical black&white to a very colourful frame with light painting…

The same idea applies to the texts. Alain wandered between different literary genres, from journalism to fairy-tale, from aphorism to the essay, movie dialog or novel…

It’s in this firework of variety that lays the coherence of the project.

In order to reach their goal, the artists asked comedians to interpret the texts, so the spectator can either read or hear them, or read them then hear them again to confront both experiences: the watcher’s one and the reader’s one.  

This proposition wouldn’t have been complete without the scenography imagined by Florent and Alain : their goal was to captivate the spectator in this « Errance(s) » (Wandering(s)) they created. Each diptych (text and photograph) is displayed, outside or inside of an exhibition space of 3800m² with accessories, sounds, lights and scents.

The scenography has for purpose of the scenography is to recreate the emotion triggered by the initial creative act (of the text or of the photograph) and the installation, disseminated through the space, forcing the viewer to get lost to view the 16 artworks. To get lost, to see, to read, to hear, to feel, … to wander.

« Errance(s) » hopes to offer an unprecedented sensorial experience to the public by mixing all mediums used throughout this artistic wandering. 

This monumental exhibition of 16 artworks is a full scale preview of the work of the two artists.


The vocation of this project is to be pursued and declined into an art book with approximately 50 artworks, with a mixed media presentation comprising images, texts and sounds, with the perspective of a future new exhibition. 

Exemple de panneau réalisé avec lecture du texte et montage son