16  colored photographs format 59,4x 42 et 120x80 cm


« Egosymetrie » is a plastic-photographic work I realised from Camargue to Florida to Picardie during several months.

Most of the time, the artistic expression is for its author a process of catharsis, expressing by a symbolic medium an unspeakable and intimate state of mind. « Egosymetrie » is a series of self-portraits which embraces this internal approach.

A personal and painful event brought me to question myself, about my interaction with others and the relationship others have with me.

This creation became at that time a compensation and a way to externalize those thoughts. It helped me to go through the challenge that life put in front of me and which could be summed up in one question:

Why ?


This « why » progressively turned against me and the idea of the self-portrait prevailed over trying to find an answer.


Prevailing too in this mise en abyme is the idea of partition, disappearance, even annihilation which corresponds to the feeling inhabiting me then. Being the sole subject of my photographs while disappearing from the frame. Being absorbed by the picture, becoming a detail of a whole which was overwhelming. Being annihilated, I said…


My hope in this plastic research, where my distorted face appeared me from picture to picture, was to allow myself to identify as « I ». Irony of the whole thing: understanding myself better while losing myself more and more… Is the expected result here? I wouldn’t be able to answer to that new question, supplanting the original one of the series. I finally gave up in finding a response.

The only thing subsisting is a result: by hiding in the pictures, what I did is only getting myself naked.


This is what I now offer to the viewer.




« Egosymetrie » is a series entirely realised with a digital camera and numerical technique. Each work of art is made of a multitude of pictures added on top of the other, layer by layer, and these overlays play together with transparency. For each piece of art, the use of 2 to 31 pictures has been necessary. Every image has been composed on a symmetrical basis, partially or totally. The background of the pictures has been worked with a diversity of colours, either poetic or disturbing, according to the emotional state I was in during the creation.